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Properties, Balchik
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1. Location and territory Balchik is a center of municipality (22 settlements with a population of appr. 24000 inhabitants) and the only town on its territory. The town of Balchik is situated on tiers onto a big ancient landslide. The terrain is cut in the north-south by deep gulches on the territory of the city and in the villas zones as well. The territory is rather complicated because of the relief. Nowadays we can divide the town in two parts – the old town, situated amphitheatrically on the steep shore and the new town situated on the plateau above it. Near the new town is separated industrial and storehouse zone. The population of the town is 13 561 inhabitants. Twin towns: : Stara Lubovnia (Slovakia – after the visit of the Ambassador in November 2004) and Hagfors, Sweeden. Negotiation with Bran – Romania and Chiesin – Poland. Two local newspapers: the municipal “Balchik” and a private “Balchik telegraf”. Balchik is a member of a Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (www.ubbsla.org) 2. Destinations from other cities: - from the capital Sofia: 440 km - from the regional center Dobrich: 36 km - the nearest frontier-post Durankulak: 57 km 3. Destination from transport connections: - railroad stations in Varna/ Dobrich: 48/36 km - sea harbor in Balchik, Varna: 9/48 km - river harbor in Rousse – 248 km - airport Varna – 48 km 4. Population The population is 23 857 people – it is 3,28% of population of the Black sea municipalities and 0,26% of the population of the country. Balchik – 13 561 people. The last official census was in 2001 – the population of the municipality was 22 354 5. Ethnical structure of the population: Bulgarians – 72 % Turks – 14 % Gypsy – 12 % Other (Russians, Armenians, Vlas, Ukrains) – 2 % 6. Age Population under 18 years of age: 4367; women 18 – 57: 6409; men 18 – 62: 7544; men and women above this age: 4632 7. Geografical charachteristics of the municipality Balchik The Municipality Balchik is one of the 8 other municipalities in region Dobrich. The region itself belongs to North-Western Plan Region (6 regions and 49 municipalities). The municipality Balchik is one of the 14 Bulgarian municipalities which are situated along the 378 km Black Sea cost. (Note: member of the Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities, www.ubbsla.org). Total territory of the municipality is 523 sq. km. The natural environments together with its resources specify the social economical development of the municipality Balchik. As a result two different by their economical characteristic parts of the territory are formed – an inland area (agricultural) and a seaside area. The territory of the municipality can be divided into two geographical regions: - The first region includes the Black sea coast ad the valley of the river Batova. The coastal line of the Batova river is low, with long beaches (forest reserve Baltata, Albena) In the rest the coast is steep and reaches 150 m height. The beach strip reaches up to 30 kilometers in length which is an important condition for the development of the region in the sphere of tourism and recreation. - The second region is a part of Dobroudja plain. The Dobroudja plateau has slightly hilly relief. The height varies from the sea level to the plateau level and reaches up to 250 meters, hence the unevenness of the terrain. The agricultural fund of the region is 42 663,4 hectares, 35 884,4 of them arable lands. The woods cover an area of 5996,4 hectares and the populated area is about 1695,5 hectares. This region is extremely rich in mineral springs and underground waters which are the main sources for the modem water-supply system with a capacity of 1000 liters per second. Some mineral ore deposits were found around the village of Obrоchishte. There are 67 water drills, 10 of which are mineral. Waters are also presented by the lower course of rivers Batova and Kranevska. Within the municipality borders there are found industrial deposits of manganeseese and black mineral coals. The ore bed is between 280 - 420 meters in depth and 10 meters in lift and is more then 62 mln tons. 8. Historical sights and museums in the region. 8.1. The Palace When we speak about Balchik we undoubtedly think about “The Palace” – the formal summer residence of the Romanian queen Maria and the botanical garden. 8.2. Historical museum Balchik history is displayed chronologically in three halls – from the foundation in the 6th c BC till the middle of the 20th c. 8.3. Revival complex It is a rather interesting sight – includes a church St. Nikola built in 1866 and a revival school from the same period. The complex is now renovated by the project “Beautiful Bulgaria”. This is the most successful historical place after “The Palace”: it is often visited by organized tourists from Albena. 8.4. Ethnographical museum The ethnographic museum is displayed in a beautiful restored house that once belonged to a wealthy local corn – merchant. It shows the cozy atmosphere of typical village and town guest – rooms of the end of the 19 th century. 8.5. Art gallery Is a first Art gallery in South Dobrudza and is situated in a nice building erected in the beginning of 20 century. It exposes modern Bulgarian art and organizes various exhibitions. 8.6. Church St. Georgi The church was built in 1895-1897. Is situated in the center of the town and has one of the most beautiful altars in Dobrudza, the icons are the gifts of the citizens. The church is in a list of protected monuments. 8.7. Church St. Petka It is situated in the new town. The construction started in 1935 by Romanian authorities, but only in 1954 it was finished and consecrated. 8.8. Church St. Elena – Greek church It is situated in front of the Art gallery and is now used for concerts. Also for summer opera studio 8.9. “Teketo” religious cult monument– Obrochoshte village Built in the 16th century with its original architecture it is unique on the Balkans. The monastery was visited by both Muslims and Christians at the same time. Economy The active population in the region is average for the country – 60 %. Unemployment in the region at this moment is app. 8%. Dambata - The Dam The construction of the Dam started in order to prevent landslides and to connect Albena and Balchik with a road along the sea. Finishig of the Dam is one of the ambitious projects of the Municipality for the year 2007. 1. Agriculture – a branch with a lot of perspectives mainly for grain products. On the territory of the municipality there are registered a lot of “cooperations”, Ltds etc. which cultivate together app. 350 000 dka land. The state agriculture research institute is situated in the village of General Toshevo. The main agricultures are: wheat and barley (140 – 150 dka annually), maize and sunflower seed (140 00 – 150 000 annually) and 10 000 – 12 000 dka beanlike (beans, lentils, soya and Lucerne.


Balchik Ref.№: D452
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