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Благодаря агентству Про БГ я не попала в руки мошенников. Я обратилась, чтобы мне помогли в оформлении, и у продавца строителя при проверке все квартиры оказались с ипотекой. Просто мне... Наталья, 21-08-2018

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Group buying

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Reduce your cost through group buying!
Dear friends,
we mentioned that many buyers come to us with their friends and acquaintances. It's easy to understand, a person receives not only the professional opinion of the real estate agent, but also look from apart. A co-looker often picks an apartment near the sea in Bulgaria for him or herself as well.
Interesting thing is how close to each other becomes the final choice of friends. Often it is not just one resort, but one street!
Sometimes, of course, the final choice is not at the same place, each person choose the most suitable property especially for him/her. So, friends may be not in one area, but no more than 20 km distance, though.
In any case, if you and your friends purchase more than one property in Bulgaria, then each one of you will receive a discount from the company PRO BG.
So, if you know that not only you are intended to buy property in Bulgaria, share this information about discounts. You and your friend will be glad!
You can learn the details of this program from your real estate agent.

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