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Investment in bulgarian property.

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Bulgaria can become your second home by the sea.
This is not only an opportunity to relax in the sun each year, clean the country from the sea, but the possibility of a reliable and profitable save your money.
Buying in Bulgaria, you can be sure that your money is safely invested.
Property, along with the banking sector, has always been one of the investment areas.
Historically proven - real estate increases in value. Even the global crisis can not convince the story in reverse, because the natural rise in prices, their rapid rise naturally.
That is, buying an apartment from the sea now for 1 million rubles, you can be sure that in a few years, it does not cost less. here we are talking about liquid flats.
If you buy an apartment at a discount, or a New Year's deal, then it is safe to say that with such a resale flat after a while, you will earn.
For example, the owner of the one-bedroom apartment circumstances force her to sell.
He originally bought it for 67,000 euros. It is a furnished it has acquired all the necessary equipment. But he urgently needed money. So he sells it for 50,000 euros with furniture and appliances.
The prices in the area on the other apartments are high, thanks to the low price of its apartments are selling fast.
You - the lucky buyer of this very apartment for 50,000 euros. You get free furniture, appliances. And the real price of your apartment still not less than 67 000 euros!
That is the best liquid flats will explain the examples accompanying you during the inspection agent.
Another factor that leads to the increase in property prices, it is the adoption of new laws prohibiting construction on the coast.
Construction is reduced, thereby getting higher prices.
Buying property in Bulgaria is not only to provide a seaside retreat for the whole of his family, but also reliably preserve capital in real estate abroad.

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