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Выражаю благодарность за продажу моей квартиры в Солнечном Береге. Мне даже не пришлось приезжать, все документы подготовила Ольга с адвокатом и прошла сделку от моего имени. Я только... Наталья, 27-10-2017

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Legal services for sale of property in Bulgaria

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Legal services for the property seller in Bulgaria

Full support of the transaction for the seller

  • Preparation of documents for sale of real estate in Bulgaria, necessary for processing the transaction at the notary
  • Registration after the sale

Registrations after the property sale in Bulgaria

Taxes on sale of real estate in Bulgaria. According to the Law of personal incomes, 10% tax should be paid from the amount received from the sale of real estate. The tax is calculated on the difference between buying and selling prices.

Seller (the trustee) must submit a declaration before 30th of April of the year following the year of the transaction. 

Please contact us if you want to use our legal services during the sale of real estate in Bulgaria. The sale process will be easier with us.



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