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Благодаря агентству Про БГ я не попала в руки мошенников. Я обратилась, чтобы мне помогли в оформлении, и у продавца строителя при проверке все квартиры оказались с ипотекой. Просто мне... Наталья, 21-08-2018

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Sell your Bulgarian property

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Do you want to sell your property in Bulgaria?

Contact us! We will recommend the most suitable strategy for the sale of your Bulgarian property and will organise the marketing process.

We will explain in details what documents are needed for a notarial sale. And what can be extremely useful, we can organise the collection of documents from the state agencies for the notarial sale. So, you do not need to fly to Bulgaria to get the documents from  state agencies. We will collect the documents, and you will arrive on the transaction itself.  Also, at your request, we can make a transaction by a power of attorney from you.

Real estate agency PRO BG, professionals in the real estate market in Bulgaria, will assist you in marketing your property, in the collection of the documents and give you the full support of the transaction.

Contact us!
Thank you for your cooperation.

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