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Продала свою квартиру в Солнечном береге не приезжая. Большое спасибо агентству и Ольге, нашли клиентов, переоформили собственность, я очень довольна. Рекомендую обеими руками!
Таисия, 18-12-2020

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Conditions of real estate agency work with the seller

Real estate Agency PRO BG is interested in reliable, safe and successful cooperation with real estate sellers in Bulgaria. We work under the following conditions.

The signing of the agency agreement

The signing of an agency contract with the real estate Agency PRO BG is mandatory. It sets out the rights and obligations of the parties. The agreement guarantees the protection of the parties ' interests.
PRO BG LTD does not require advance payments. Remuneration is paid only in case of sale of real estate by our Agency.

Before signing the contract all the questions concerning property sale in Bulgaria are discussed. Rieltors of the company will answer your questions.
To sign the contract, the seller must provide correct and accurate information about the property. Provide a copy of the notarial deed or other document confirming the right of ownership, data on loans, if any. The provision of incorrect information will be revieled during the verification of documents by our brokers and lawyers. In this case agency PRO BG is not responsible for uncomfortable situations that might appear. In case of refusal to provide a copy of the document of your ownership, the Agency PRO BG reserves the right to refuse to cooperate.

At the signing of the agency contract the selling price of the property is discussed. It is necessary that the price corresponds to the market price at the time of signing. In the case that the expected price does not correspond to reality, a real estate Agency PRO BG reserves the right to refuse cooperation.

Real estate Agency PRO BG provides the following services for the sale

  • Organize real estate views for potential buyers.
After the signing of the agency agreement, the Agency staff will organize the property views.
Views of your property in Bulgaria can be made without your personal presence. The owner can leave the keys of the apartment to his authorized representative or real estate Agency PRO BG. If you leave it in the real estate agency, it is also mentioned in the contract.

If you are in Bulgaria, the broker of the Agency will contact you in order to arrange the time convenient for you.
During the views, you should not make direct contact with potential buyers. You can rely on the ability of your broker to conduct presentations and negotiations.
  • Advertising your property in Bulgaria.
After signing an Agency agreement, Agency PRO BG holds a real estate advertising on their sites www.pro-bg.ru, www.prosperitasbg.com, on partner sites, in their social groups, print publications and other advertising platforms.
  • Signing of the preliminary contract by the buyer.
When the buyer decides to buy a particular object, the Agency organizes a meeting of the buyer and the seller in the office. A preliminary contract is signed and the reservation is paid by the buyer. The reservation is usually 2000 euros or 10% of the sell price of the property.

If the seller is not in Bulgaria, the contract is signed by his authorized representative or Agency ABOUT BG.
A preliminary contract for the purchase and sale of real estate is drawn up by a professional lawyer of our company in accordance with the law on duties and contracts. The contract describes how and in what time will be the payment and transfer of property at the notary.

The Deposit (reservation) is paid by the buyer when signing the preliminary contract. The Deposit is kept in the real estate Agency. After the buyer pays the Deposit, the property is considered to be reserved, its advertising is stoppes.
  • Documets for closing
At the request of the seller, the Agency will manufacture all the necessary documents for the transaction. Preparation of documents is included in the agency fee.
The seller pays the Agency fee on the day of closing.
  • Registration of the contract of purchase and sale at the notary. Notary deed.
Employees of the Agency PRO BG organize the date and time of the transaction at the notary. An employee or a lawyer of the Agency is personally present at the closing at the notary.
In case of impossibility of personal presence on the transaction, the seller may grant to a third party the right to sell on his/her own behalf. The power of attorney can be drawn up at the request of the seller by our lawyer. If agreed, the Agency can act as a Trustee of the seller and make a sale on his behalf.
After the closing, the Agency presents the seller in the Municipality tax office to register the property sale.

We are interested in helping you to sell and the buyer to buy. For further information and questions, please contact us.