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Продала свою квартиру в Солнечном береге не приезжая. Большое спасибо агентству и Ольге, нашли клиентов, переоформили собственность, я очень довольна. Рекомендую обеими руками!
Таисия, 18-12-2020

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Free trip to buy property in Bulgaria


Free trip to to buy property in Bulgaria

When you are have desire to get acquainted to the real estate market in Bulgaria,please, keep in mind that our company, “Pro-BG”, is always ready to help you in the organization of your stay, to help you to get acquainted with the country and the real estate market.

The specialist of "Pro-BG" will create the list of objects, depending on your preferences.

We recommend you four-day trip (in the time convenient for you) for the acquaintance with the different regions and different properties, selected by our specialists according to your wishes.

An approximate plan of the trip

  • Assistance in the selection of a hotel and reservation of the room/flat
  • Composition of the route and a list of the properties for  the inspection
  • Meeting you in the airport and transfer to the hotel
  • Acquaintance with the regions, where the selected properties are located 
  • Check of the saler documents 
  • Preparing of the prelimenary/main agreement of the purchase
  • Reservation of the real estate
  • Transfer to the airport
You will obtain the complete picture of the market, and as a result, you will feel confidence in making a decision. In addition to this, you will not feel lingual barrier and discomfort, the agent working for you is English speaking.

Conditions of the free trip to Bulgaria

In the case of purchase with "Pro-BG", the company pays your expenditures, with the following conditions (*)

If you acquire real estate by the cost above 38 000 Euros, "Pro BG" covers your expenditures for the four-day trip:
  • the cost of one airline ticket (with the cost up to 350 Euros)
  • the cost of stay in the hotel
  • legal support
  • transfer from and back to the airport and transport during the inspections of the properties is free of charge.
If you purchase real estate by the cost from 25 000 to 37 000 Euros, "Pro-BG" will cover the following costs
  • the cost of stay in the hotel
  • legal support
  • transfer from and back to the airport
  • transport during the inspections of the properties
Cost of airline ticket will not be returned.

If you purchase Bulgarian property by the cost of less than 25 000 euro, will be coverd the following costs
  • the cost of legal support 
  • transfer from and back to the airport
  • transport during the inspections of the properties
(*) In case of disloyal behavior of clients, the company may refuse to refund the expenditures of a clients' stay in Bulgaria. In the case of failure of the collaboration with "Pro-BG", you will need to pay yourself all expenditures, connected with your stay in Bulgaria. 

During the inspection of property market in Bulgaria you will be assisted by the experienced English speaking specialist, who will give you all the necessary information about the concrete objects of real estates. And also about the special features of the region, in which the object is located, its advantages and possible disadvantages.

So, you just need to connect to us, and he/she will register you for this program. Knowing your likes and dislikes, your preferences, he/she will be able to organize the trip in such a way as to find the apartment of your dream in reality. 

For registration, contact us.