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Таисия, 18-12-2020

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How to choose property in Bulgaria

When you decided to purchase a house in Bulgaria, you intend to do it on better terms.
In addition, you want to be insured against all sorts of surprises, avoid unnecessary spending, both temporal and financial. Professional consultant in this case is the best solution, as you will be offered by the best options according to your request.

Knowing some basic principles optimizes the process of finding the desired property.

Our recommendations.
First of all, you need to determine the requirements for your future apartment near the sea, to identify the main priorities.
Here are some criteria to consider when forming a query.

Location of the house

This factor strongly influences the price of the apartments.
Do you want an apartment on the front line?
Or are you ready to take a walk to the beach? How long walk would it be then?

Any area is a combination of different zones. They differ by social environment, and infrastructure. In this case, even in the same street, the price of house can vary significantly.

The environmental situation and infrastructure development, familiar to you lifestyle, may affect your choice. It is best to outline a specific resort or city, taking into account their appeal for you.

If you don't know about the differances of the Bulgarian resorts and its areas, our consultant will tell you attentively in details.

The size of the apartment

Choosing your future house, you need to determine the optimal size of the apartment. It is advisable to specify the minimum and maximum sizes of ​​future property in Bulgaria.

It is necessary to pay attention to the configuration of the bulgarian property - number of rooms, windows, presence of a balcony, the proportions of rooms. It is important to understand that at one and the same general area of ​​the apartment you can get various "used area size"

If necessary, specify the desired number of rooms in the apartment: rooms, bathrooms, indicate the number of bedrooms, the presence of the living room or an office.

Category of a house

You can choose the most attractive type of a house, in which the apartment is located. Property in the sea resorts in Bulgaria can be divided into two main categories: houses built before 2000 and modern accommodation built later.

Modern accommodation in Bulgaria is divided into large residential complexes and low separate houses for living.
Some people like to live in a large complex with everything you need at a hand and in the territory of the complex, including shops, SPAs, etc. That is to have an apartment near the sea with a full range of services.

Others prefer to own an apartment in a small apartment building, equipped with the latest technology.

Move in date

This factor influences the choice between property under construction - New constructions in Bulgaria, and ready property - Apartments close to the sea


Cost is not the last factor in the selection of apartments in Bulgaria. Consider how much would you like to invest?

Availability of finish and furniture in the apartment

Depending on whether the apartments is finished, the apartments are divided into apartments with or without finish.  The apartments can also be offered for sale with furniture or without. 

Special attention should be paid to the peculiarities of such property types on the real estate market as Second hand property near the sea and New buildings

Principles of searching apartments in these two markets are different. What to choose - resales or new buildings in Bulgaria?

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