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Продала свою квартиру в Солнечном береге не приезжая. Большое спасибо агентству и Ольге, нашли клиентов, переоформили собственность, я очень довольна. Рекомендую обеими руками!
Таисия, 18-12-2020

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Resale property in Bulgaria

Resale property for sale  in Bulgaria

Popular question on the Bulgarian market these days - the increasingly popular resale properties for sale in Bulgaria near the sea.

The sellers of resale property are citizens of different countries: Bulgaria, England, Russia and other.
Interestingly, the nationality is reflected in the style of the secondary sale.

When resale property sells English-speaking man, he gives a good price. He take into consideration the years that he spent with his family in an apartment.

Some low prices of real estate in Bulgaria are given due to existing financial difficulties of the owners. In this case, the owners are assessing how much money will satisfy their needs, and as a result, sell the apartment below its market price.

Russian-speaking salespeople usually do not just want to get back the invested money, but also earn on the sale of resale property in Bulgaria.

Resale property in Bulgaria has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The main disadvantage is that the warranty period to support the building and its components have been completed. Possible repairs will be done by the new owner.

The advantages are the following.
The offers of the resale property in Bulgaria are often located in very good areas.
Secondly, the property has furniture and equipment. It is very convenient if you buy an apartment by the sea for further rent.
And finally, it is the opportunity to buy an apartment inexpensively - at a price below the market.

Its YOU who decide what to buy - e new built apartment or resale apartment in Bulgaria.
We recommend you to come to Bulgaria, to see and compare different variants.

Our rieltors will advise you the pros and cons of the resale estate in Bulgaria, and making the right choice will be much easier.